It’s no secret that I’m quite the newb to PR. When I first joined UD’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, I was overwhelmed by all of the things that I should have been doing. Keeping up with the latest PR news, tweeting on a minutely basis and most importantly, internships. Every speaker and every member was always chatting away about the internships they’ve had, the internships they discovered and the internships they’re dying to have. As a sophomore, I felt the pressures to find my first internship and fast. It seemed that all around me, my peers were moving forward and I was chasing after the bandwagon.

So I immediately started searching. I knew my best option was the “winternship,” due to UD’s extended winter session from January 4th until February 5th. And thanks to some great advice from the experienced PRSSA members, I learned that the best way to find an internship during this time period was to email non-profit organizations. NPO’s are always looking for free help and PR newbs are always looking for free experience. The perfect PR concoction.

I was thrilled to find an internship right in my hometown. Wanted: Communications Intern for Friends of High School Park. High School Park is a lovely park in my town that offers beautiful scenery, events throughout the year and much more to positively influence the well-being of our community. I jumped at this opportunity and emailed about it immediately. After a few emails back and forth, I set a date over Thanksgiving break to meet with the Operations Manager. After a beautiful stroll through the park (literally), it was official. I’d landed my first internship and couldn’t be more thrilled!

The Beautiful Park

Thrilled, but nervous. I’m now feeling the pressure to be the best intern possible. I want to exceed their expectations and be the intern they’ll always think fondly of for my hard work and positive influence to the organization. I know I’m capable of this if I put my best foot forward.

I’m excited to gain so much experience and knowledge from my time with Friends of High School Park and also excited that I’ll have much more time to blog about it and other topics! Look out for more frequent posts in the near future (that is, after I survive my five final exams).

Happy Interning 🙂

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